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Niceland Apartments facade.  Mostly done.

Cutting off the rambling.

Oh, and I saw Minecraft Felix reblogging my previous facade.  Hi Felix!

The only reason why this looks any good is because 1) new laptop, which means less lag and actually being able to enjoy Minecraft now.  2) Screenshots.  Lots and lots of screenshots.  3) Creative Mode because there’s no way I’ll find all the materials on my own within a reasonable amount of time.

You have no idea how much I hate scaffolding now.  I saw it in the screenshots and nearly tore out my hair when I realized they were on every floor!  And the roof.  Oh, the roof was somewhat easy to set up but I dread when I start to work on the interior…

I just realized I could had opened the Art book to the introduction and used that as a reference image.  Gah!  Come to think of it, how many Nicelanders are there?  14?  21?  Plus Felix.  Here comes another headache: partitioning up the apartment.  (5 windows front * 8 windows side) * 8 floors not counting the penthouse or the bottom two…

Fitting 22 people in rooms that fill just 8 floors… doesn’t work.  Not unless if there’s more rooms than people, or if some people share rooms.  I’m over-thinking this.  I’ll just make 4 rooms per floor, with hallway space and some room for closets.  Maybe also a garbage chute.  I’ll need room for stairs though.  GAH.  I’m OVER-THINKING this.

The penthouse.  Oh dear sweet God the penthouse…

Maybe I should just wing it.